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Protect Your Power Supply with Vigilante Lock's RV Battery Lock

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Our RV battery locks
are the pinnacle of security for your nomadic lifestyle

Safeguard Your Investment and Ensure a Worry-Free Journey

Experience superior security with Vigilante Locks's Single and Dual Battery Locks

With our sturdy and durable camper locks, you can rest easy knowing that your batteries are safe from external threats.

Whether you're a weekend adventurer or live life on the road full-time, your camper is an investment worth protecting. The RV battery serves as the lifeline of your journey, providing power for all your essential needs like lights, appliances, and electronics. That's why having a reliable lock in place is crucial to safeguard against theft. At Vigilante Locks, we understand the importance of peace of mind while traveling. That's why we have engineered the ultimate protection for your power source with our Camper locks.

Never worry about theft or tampering with your battery again. Vigilante Locks' RV battery locks provide the ultimate protection, giving you the freedom to enjoy your travels without any added stress. Our high-quality locks are designed to fit the most common battery sizes, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum security.

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Unyielding Security with Heavy-Duty Steel Battery Shackle Lock

With an innovative battery shackle lock design, Vigilante Locks offers unbeatable protection against battery theft.

At Vigilante Locks, we understand the importance of preserving your RV adventures. Our camper Locks for single and dual batteries is crafted from high-grade materials. It is more than capable of withstanding the road’s challenges and severe weather conditions. Made with precision engineering and durable construction, our lock provides unparalleled protection for your camper's battery.

Our camper locks are designed to fit around your battery, providing a secure barrier against any attempts at tampering or theft. The lock's distinctive design offers unparalleled security, making it extremely difficult to cut or break. With easy installation and durable construction, our RV battery locks are a must-have for any road trip.

The Perfect Fit - Single Battery Lock

Our camper locks are designed with versatility in mind and made to fit a wide range of Vehicles

Finding the right battery lock for your RV, camper, or trailer can be a real hassle – but not anymore. Meet the multi-purpose solution that secures your power source effortlessly across various models. Tailored to fit all group 24 and 27 batteries up to 16.5" long, our battery lock is perfect for a wide range of RVs, boats, trailers, and campers. With a promise of a '2-minute installation or less', you can skip the toolbox and get a snug, clean fit that secures your battery in no time.

Crafted with pride by certified welders in the USA, the 3/16 steel construction guarantees a long-lasting shield for your battery. We back our meticulous engineering with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Invest in our precision laser-cut steel lock with total confidence.

How To Install
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How It Works

Unlock Unrivaled Security with Our Patented RV Battery Lock

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Our Camper Locks top part features a U-shaped design with a cross at the top. The precision-welded bars on this part ensure a tight closure at the top of the battery, effectively sealing it against unauthorized access. With durability and precision in mind, our top part is the foundation of our lock's robust construction. It guarantees your battery remains tightly sealed and protected.

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The middle part is a bar that runs lengthwise across the battery, connecting both ends of the U-shaped top part. This bar is then locked in place by a high-quality padlock specially designed to fit our lock's unique design. The middle bar, along with the cross at the top, ensures that any attempts to remove or tamper with the battery are nearly impossible.

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The bottom part of our RV Battery Lock completes our lock's innovative design, reinforcing its stability and strength. With a U-shaped bar and a cross at the bottom, this part slides into the slits at the top. Secured on both sides with a paddle lock, the bottom part adds an extra layer of protection to your battery. All three padlocks are keyed alike, making it easy for you to access your battery while ensuring maximum security.

Double Protection with Dual Battery Lock

Lock up both batteries at once – Twice the security, Double the Peace of Mind

For those with dual battery setups on their camper or RV, our Dual Battery Lock is a must-have for double the protection. With two locks combined in a single unit, you can secure your power source and enjoy twice as much peace of mind. Our Dual Battery Lock is designed to fit around group 24 batteries, providing a secure barrier against potential theft or tampering.

The Dual Battery Lock also boasts a sturdy 3/16 steel construction and comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. With effortless installation and a perfect fit, this lock is a reliable choice for safeguarding your dual battery setup.

How To Install
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Benefits of Using Vigilante Locks' Trailer Battery Lock

Crafted with precision and care, our trailer battery locks ensure that the heart of your home on wheels remains exactly where it should be.


Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Engineered with heavy-duty steel, our RV battery locks pledge unwavering durability and security. Thanks to their robust construction, you can rest easy knowing that even the most determined of thieves are deterred.


Universal Fit for Peace of Mind

The universal design beckons a stress-free experience, as it fits snugly on most RV battery boxes. Versatility in compatibility means that no matter what your rig is, we've got you covered.


Installation as Easy as Your Next Adventure

Our battery locks are delightfully simple. They install in under two minutes with no drilling required. The three-piece construction offers a straightforward, DIY installation process—perfect for when you're on the go.


All-Weather Resilience

Come rain, sun, or snow, the weather-resistant coating ensures your RV battery locks withstand the elements. This means they not only secure your batteries but also promise long-lasting performance through every season.


Sleek, Unobtrusive Design

Designed to be compact and unassuming, the lock's low-profile build allows it to blend effortlessly into your RV setup. It's functional, robust, and unobtrusive—everything you want in a battery lock.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Vigilante Locks means choosing high-quality, American-made products that offer ultimate security and protection.


High Quality Materials

We never compromise on quality. Each Vigilante lock is manufactured using top-quality materials to guarantee superior performance.


Prevent Theft

Our camper locks provide the highest level of security against theft, tampering, or unauthorized access. Enjoy protection like no other with Vigilante Locks.


International Service

Vigilante Locks is honored to serve as a trusted global brand. With our commitment to international support, we cater to the security needs of customers worldwide.


100% Made in America

We are proud to be an American brand. Our locks are designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Made by Certified Welder

Our quality control standards are second to none. Our certified welders work hard to ensure every lock is built to perfection.

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Upgrade Your Security with Travel Trailer Battery Lock

Our travel trailer battery locks Are the Ultimate Solution for Worry-free Adventure


Frequently Asked Questions

An RV battery locking strap is a band that wraps around the battery and holds it in place. While it may provide some level of security, it can easily be cut or broken. In contrast, our RV battery lock is made of high-quality materials. It features three locking mechanisms, making it virtually impenetrable. Our travel trailer lock is an essential investment that eliminates the worry of theft. Regular lock straps may provide temporary protection, but this quality product offers long-term security and peace of mind.